To the end(purpose) they can possess(rely on) Medis the most modern center of surgery, which guarantees an integral service of professional excellence, with the most advanced technological resources, a comfort for the patients without precedents in the country and costs far below of other clinics and ambulatory.

¿Why to choose to medis to exercise her pofession if already it(he,she) does it in a recognized clinic in the one that has her consultation and controls her patients?

Medis Ideal innovator applies a clinical concept for medical surgeons that it(he,she) allows them to realize ambulatory interventions or with maximum hospitalization of one day.


· 10 Medical doctor's offices
· 4 Operating rooms
· Room of Recovery Post - Anaesthetic
· 11 Private rooms
· To be for Surgeons
· Unit of Attention to the Woman
· Unit of Attention to the Man
· Unit of Aesthetic Medicine
· Unit of Ophtalmology
· Unit of Otolaryngology
· Unit of Surgery Laparoscópica
· Unit of Not invasive Cardiology